Build Better Smart Contracts

Introducing Meadow Suite! Now available on Github.

Introducing the Meadow Suite

The next evolution in toolsuites is built from the ground up on .NET core, to meet the rapidly growing needs of the smart contract development community. Push the boundaries of what is possible with a strong testing and security backbone, implemented directly in the system. Let’s build awesome together.

Already in Production

All Hosho audits, since July of 2018 from basic token contracts to extremely complex gambling platforms, have been completed using Meadow. We’re excited to see what you can throw at it.

Intensive Debugging

Writing powerful tests becomes a simple exercise, thanks to built in features. Testing is no longer a dreaded chore developers avoid. We’re still working on making documentation fun, we’ll keep you updated.

Deep IDE Integration

The first toolsuite to take full advantage of IDEs brings powerful features to the development process, like Intellisense. You get faster creation, testing and deployment of smart contracts than ever before.

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